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Bands with GRRRLZ ROCK 2010, 2011, 2012:
  • Bio Portland Oregon natives, identical twins Jenni and Amanda Price have been singing together since the age of 3. Writing their own original music for the past 10 years. Their sound has evolved to something quite unique. Compared to Little Dragon, Katy B, Portishead, Zero 7, Lauryn Hill, Rihanna, Groove Armada and Imogen Heap. If these artists were to have a love child Acoustic Minds would be it. Taking live instruments and creating electronic masterpieces with soaring soulfilled 3 part harmonies. This 5 piece band consisting of 3 vocalists, acoustic guitar, Aaron Altemose on two phantom Roland keyboards, Josh Lorenzen on bass/key bass (KORG) and Josh Burns on the drums blend the perfect mix of drum n bass, dub step and down tempo music. They have toured the United States extensively and continue to bring the best from the North West.
    Touring Jan 18, Chelan, WA, Winterfest 2013
    Jan 19, Mt. Hood, OR, Mt. Hood Meadows
    Jan 20, Mt. Hood, OR, Mt. Hood Meadows
    Feb 7, Silver Lake, CA,
    Feb 8, Hollywood, CA, King King for the BIG BASS VARIETY SHOW
    Feb 9, West Hollywood, CA, The Mint
    Feb 10, Venice, CA, TRIP
    Achievements "Band of the Year" at the Portland Music Awards
    Founded Jan 2002
    Genre Soul/Electronic/Drum n Bass/Dubstep/Down Tempo/Club
    Members Jenni Price (vocals)
    Amanda Price (vocals, guitar)
    Josh Lorenzen (Bass)
    Aaron Altemose (vocals, keyboards)
    Josh Burns (drums)
    Manager Price Twins
    Album Electric Sol (released - July 28, 2012 @ the Star Theater)
    Home Portland, OR
    Record Label Indie
    Press Contact Elliot
  • Anna Gilbert
  • Alex Jackson
  • Bajuana Tea
  • Boomchick
  • Bridget Gavin
  • Crooked River
  • Demimonde Slumberparty
  • Bio

    Douglas County Daughters creates an unexpected magic and charm on stage as sisters Emily Afanador West and Mollie Ziegler bring a lifetime of singing together to this Americana duet dedicated to the voice and the song. Crowds delight in the weaving of close harmonies with heart-warming banter as the two slip between vintage songs and reminiscence of childhood in small town America.

    Douglas County Daughters creates an unexpected magic and charm on stage as crowds respond not only to the polished sound of accomplished singers and close harmonies, but to the heart-warming banter of family members enjoying each other. Sharing stories of childhood in small town America, of learning to harmonize on car vacations, and of endless years of piano lessons, Douglas County Daughters joins the tradition of family bands like The Smothers Brothers, The Andrews Sisters, and The Carter Family. Their classic presentation includes vintage costuming for a nostalgic audience experience.

    Despite comparisons to informal folk origins, both Mollie and Emily were classically trained in piano, and concert bands and choirs, studying music and performance throughout high school and college. Mollie studied choral music, earning a Masters in Music Education; and Emily completed a Masters in Folklore with an emphasis in musicology. They bring together a deep knowledge of varied musical traditions, and create something delightfully appealing when their voices blend as only sisters' can. Each an accomplished vocalist and instrumentalist in her own right, Mollie and Emily have enjoyed multiple independent recording projects and appear on each others' albums. Their combined discographies include five LPs and four EP releases under the names of Fancy Bandits, Local Buddha, Mollie Ziegler, and Telepathic Dumpster.

    Members Emily Afanador West(piano, vocals)
    Mollie Ziegler (piano)
    Record Label Fancy Bandits, Local Buddha, Mollie Ziegler, Telepathic Dumpster
    Press Contact  
  • Dubious
  • Emily Sangder
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  • Gemiinii Riisiing
  • Grace Mitchell
  • Holly Cummins
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  • Lele Parra & Crew
  • Leni Ament
  • Mara Rennie
  • Mavis & Engraved
  • Mavis Blanchfill
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  • Naomi Ariel
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  • Polly & Travis
  • Rag Doll
  • Savanna Coen
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  • The Sugar Beets
  • The Sub Pilots
  • The Touchyfeeliacs
  • Tragically Delicious
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  • Left Turn Only
  • Van Wenda
  • Melissa Ruth
Other Bands:
  • Adventure Galley
  • Anna Gilbert
  • Alkaline Vibe
  • Conjugal Visitors
  • Dead Ringers
  • Eagle Park Slim
  • Engraved Acoustic
  • Eugene's Drum Circle
  • Eugene Street performers
  • Bio Henry Turner Jr. & Flavor are back on the road with their distinctive style of Louisiana Reggae, Soul, Funk and Blues. The Baton Rouge based national touring act is well known for their intricate and syncopated songs that include upbeat dance tunes with tongue and cheek lyrics, as well as heartfelt and touching ballads. Their music has been described as a “gumbo” of flavors and a sure crowd pleaser. So come join the fun.
    CD Link
  • Website
  • Two Lane Blacktop
  • Kingpins
  • Bio

    Maca Rey is a blend of calypso, latin, psychedelic rock, gypsy swing, and world funk. Creating infectious grooves that get people moving, Maca Rey makes the most of every moment on stage. Thoughtful, eclectic songwriting takes full advantage of the members' diverse backgrounds who fuse their influences into music that is danceable, positive, and super fun.

    In the summer of 2009 Amanda and Boris Canani went to a Ween concert in Bend, Oregon. After the show they stayed in a rental house with a bunch of other friends where they partied together. Soon after a soak in the hot tub, Amanda was experiencing a raging headache which landed the two of them in their room where a young man by the name of Jeff wandered in and out of. At the time Boris and Amanda were working on acoustic music for Amanda’s band STONE JUMPERS. Jeff had been under the influence of a cocktail of drugs and alcohol being quite incoherent with his constant rambling. In one of those blabbing moments he did mention one thing that night that hit Boris like a ton of bricks. He turned to him, in a serious tone and said, “You’re only as good as your drummer”. It was a revelation that inspired Boris to seek a seriously tight new drummer. Soon after that experience Boris was pondering the words Jeff said. At the time he was in a working band called HONKY FUNK that consisted of Johnny Laser (LASERDRIVE) on rhythm guitar and vocals, Juan Dillard on drums, Paulo Reyes (OUT OF ORDER and CUBENSIS) on bass and Tina Vallody (SAMBA JA) on percussion. A falling out with Johnny Laser prepared Amanda to fill his position on rhythm ukulele and vocals. The band just wasn’t the same without Johnny Laser’s Southern drawl. Basically, the Honky in HONKY FUNK was no more.  With the demise of HONKY FUNK, Boris had to come up with a new project to continue to play music with a band. He put an ad on Craigslist for a new drummer and he got a few responses. One such response from Matt Symonds, “Llama Latte” (the GREAT ALL MERGE and FUZZ FOUR) who was in a Funk band called, FUZZ FOUR. Llama had heard of Boris and his music when Boris was in an Island, Folkadelic band called, SWEET ISLAND THYME. Llama’s band FUZZ FOUR was dissolving so he was available for a new project. After a few potential catchy names, Boris came up with MACA REY. Maca is an Andean root (maca root) with holistic properties and Rey is the Spanish word for king. 

    It wasn’t until Llama sat in for HONKY FUNK’s last set on July 10th 2009, opening for EQUALEYES that clinched the deal. The audience was the real judge. Fans of HONKY FUNK mentioned that the drummer rocked and the rest was history. During that same summer Llama, Amanda and Boris got together once a week to work on MACA REY’s new sound. The new band combined Latin and World styles from Boris’ long list of songs and Llama’s Funk beats from his previous band giving the band the sound it has today. Maca Rey consisted of Boris Canani on guitar, vocals, bass and KAOS pad, Amanda Canani on Ukulele, Charango and vocals, Llama Latte on drums and vocals, Paulo Reyes on bass and guitar, Tina Vallody on tablas and percussion and Graham Reinhardt on keyboard. Their debut was on November 18th 2009 at Joe’s Bar and Grill in Eugene, Oregon. Maca Rey had consistently played a couple to a few times a month from the beginning and opening for “Simplistic” at Diablo’s in Eugene, Oregon in January. Then Boris ran into Barry Flast (Kingfish, Jefferson Starship and Dead Ringers) at together they came up with an idea to play a couple of shows. The first billed as, “Lovers Sweetheart Dance” on February 13th 2010 put MACA REY AND DEAD RINGERS together. That show set the stage for the next huge show at the Goodfoot in Portland, Oregon. It was the day before FURTHUR was expected to play Rose Garden so naturally Boris and Barry double billed the show KINGFISH AND MACA REY on March 5th 2010. That show also introduced an amazing new keyboard player for the band, Thierry Renoux (ABAKADUB, MOCKSHA and DEFAULT). It was to be the final lineup for the band. In that same year MACA REY landed a spot at the 2010 Eugene Celebration playing the Broadway stage. Now MACA REY is currently playing all around Oregon from Eugene to Portland and everywhere in between. 2011 is becoming a huge time for the band, playing almost every weekend. New songs are being introduced and the rest of the band is contributing more songs to the band’s repertoire. Now it’s time to enjoy the musical ride.

    Achievements Rank #1 in Eugene, OR in World / Jam / Funk on ReverbNation
    Genre Psychotropical Latin Funk Rock
    Members Boris Canani,
    Paulo Reyes,
    Tina Vellody,
    Llama Latte,
    Thierry Renoux,
    Amanda Canani,
    Manager Boris Canani
    Booking Agent Amanda Canani
    Home Eugene, OR
    Record Label @#*! Records
    Press Contact
  • Mars Gras
  • Rocktopia
  • I-chele and the Circle of Light
  • Jonny Midnite & Stella Blue
  • Jupiter Hollow
  • RevelleveR
  • Skip Jones
  • Sunheart
  • State of Jefferson
  • Jett Harris and his Hot Rod Hellcats
  • WaHoo
  • Website

Band Tours:
Worked with FROM THE HEART ENTERTAINMENT, LLC. on this, I LOVE JACK HERER TOUR 2010 will kick off in Seattle, WA. The Tour will visit Seattle, Olympia, Portland, Eugene and additional cities in California to be announced soon! Join us along with great bands like The Devil’s Boots, The Herbivores, Sour Owl, Z Kamp, Sister Moth, Artesian Underground, Bajuana Tea, I-Chele and the Circle of Light, Uncle Stumbles, Mars Grass, Alkaline Vibe and more local acts for an evening of music to remember and celebrate our hero, The Emperor of Hemp! Proceeds from the benefit shows will be donated to Jack's family.

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